Skincare Academy.


The only Integrative online Educational platform teaching Skin Health Professionals Naturopathic Medicine created by an Acne Naturopath. Our founder Hayley Barnes built her curriculum and courses around the philosophy of Aesthetic Naturopathy, recognising that skin conditions can not be treated unless you address the cause first.

The Skincare industry is over commercialised with products, treatments and misinformation which has become very overwhelming for Skin Therapists, Aestheticians and Dermal Nurses to understand just how to treat skin conditions internally. This is why the Skincare Academy was created to train, educate and support skin health professionals to treat the cause of skin conditions internally integratively first, then offer external support second for the best client results. Skin conditions, specifically Acne is an external sign of an internal health challenge. When we support clients to understand this, this allows clients to understand their bodies on a completely different level and see each part of their body connected to the other. We believe this level of education will not only treat skin conditions but empower and support women to achieve the skin and health of their dreams. Thriving full body health: Hormone, Gut, Liver, Lymphatic and Nervous system health.

The definition of health is the ability to live your dreams in your dream skin!!


Hey, I am Hayley,


  • Acne Client turned Acne Naturopath
  • Nutritionist
  • Herbal Medicine Practitioner
  • Online Clinical Educator

Here to help you treat the cause of acne internally, positioning yourself as an Industry leader.

The Story...


I struggled with acne since I was 13 and I tried absolutely everything to treat it and nothing ever worked, well longer than one month, which is the reason why I wanted to become a Naturopath to treat my acne, then others acne, while helping women thrive.

Two Clinical Science degrees in Natural Medicine later, I learnt how to treat the cause of my acne and many of my clients acne.

I then realised that I needed to teach women how to treat their acne internally themselves, as the method now known as Advanced Acne to g l o w, I implemented in practice was achieving amazing results for my clients. This then led to Skin Health Professionals and Naturopaths wanting to learn my exact treatment method and also achieving results including g l o w i n g clear skin and thriving health for their clients.





To Internationally change the way the Skin, Beauty and Naturopathic Industry treats skin conditions. For therapists and clients to see acne as a sign that their body requires additional support. To see acne as an opportunity to go inwards and in doing that clients not only clear their acne, but learn how to listen to their bodies, achieving thriving health specific to the individual. That the skin is first treated internally and externally second. Right now too often society and industry have it around the wrong way. To see the support of a Naturopath in every skin clinic Internationally, for better client results, increased industry professionalism and making skin clinics the one stop shop for internal and external health.



To build an industry of Skin Health Professionals who are trained to treat the cause of skin conditions Naturopathically, internally and externally. Where Aesthetic Naturopathy, Nutrition, and Supplementation is simple, easy to understand and accessible for every individual client.

To reinvent how skin care professionals are trained, making skin clinics a place for clients to thrive, achieve full body health, hormones, gut, liver, lymphatic nervous system health, because your clients cannot achieve their skin goals if they are also struggling with symptoms (painful period), health challenges (IBS) and reactions (rashes after eating certain foods).

It is our mission to create the highest level of Integrative Education for Skin Health Professionals to learn and interpret Dermatological science based research mixed with extensive clinical experience into bit sized, step by step lef courses. Allowing professionals and individuals to not only treat the cause of their skin condition but support their overall health long term.



We believe that clear, acne free, glowing skin is the result of balanced internal health. Acknowledging that the skin is our largest organ, integratively connected to each bodily system. That no external skincare products or treatments can independently treat acne without out treating the body's internal root cause(s) first.



For too long, the science has been put to the side as big skincare brands make the research for their products always look favourable. The Skincare Academy looks at the research with an open mind and for the best clinical results for our therapists and their clients.

Clinical Experience

The information we share is from highly qualified skincare experts with extensive clinical experience which leads to the best clinical results for our students and their clients. The Skincare Academy implements both clinical research and traditional evidence to create the most effective treatments, strategies and steps for our students to follow.

Aesthetic Naturopathy

The six principles of Naturopathic Medicine are integrated into the fast paced skincare and beauty industry for practitioner support and to nourish long term results for our clients, supporting them to create a clear, glowing skin lifestyle. These Naturopathic principles include: First do no harm, The Healing Power of Nature, Identify and Treat the Causes, Doctor as Teacher, Treat the Whole person and Prevention is key.

Integrative Practice

Insuring each Skin Health Professional supports their clients: Gut, Hormone, Liver, Nervous and Lymphatic System Health in order to achieve their goals of clear, glowing skin and thriving overall health/happiness.


Hayley Barnes


Hayley graduated from Southern Cross University in 2015, with her first degree in Clinical Science (Complementary Medicine Naturopathic Studies). Hayley’s interest in how the gut affects the entire body, especially the skin led to future training to become a registered Clinical Naturopath.

Hayley then went to study at Endeavour College of Natural Health and graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy). Hayley then started her own online clinical practice in 2018, with a special interest in treating acne, gut and hormonal conditions.

Hayley has over 13 years experience in the field of Naturopathic Medicine, in a clinical setting and in a research setting at University. Hayley is very passionate about education and the practice of Aesthetic Naturopathy. Hayley is known for her signature treatment method outlined in her course - Advanced Acne to g l o w for Skin Health Therapists to implement into their practice. Hayley believes that treating the cause of skin health challenges internally with Naturopathic Medicine, is the only way your clients will see long term results not only on their skin but throughout their entire body.

Hayley's Favourite Things



What makes me smile?

Seeing Skin Health Professionals incorporate my course into their clinics to treat the cause of their clients acne. Then seeing my students, receive testimonials and messages from their clients, saying they have changed their life. Seeing clients' faces, before and after photos, reading their testimonials, feeling the excitement they ‘finally’ get to feel when they achieve their dream clear, glowing skin and thriving health.



Favourite travel destinations:

Brazil, Italy, Greece, Iran and Bali



Who is my love

Payam, my absolute best friend and the man I adore.



My goals

Launch my third signature course - Advanced ‘Ageing’ to g l o w and to launch my own Individualised Compounding company. Changing how the skin and health industry use supplementation.




Professional Samba dancer - I have paraded in Rio de Janeiro's famous carnival twice. My third time parading will be in February 2024. 

Ready to treat acne internally and change your clients lives forever?

Because I have got exactly what you need to get you there