06 - Treat Acne prevent health challenges

Have you ever thought about treating the root cause of acne as a way to prevent health challenges also?

I hope this episodes makes you feel excited, confident and EMPOWERED to learn how to treat the root cause of acne because it is so much more than supporting your clients achieve their dream clear skin.

It is about supporting women live their best life, with no period pain, the choice of having a family when they choose without any infertility scares, loads of energy in the morning, healthy digestion, focussed attention with no brain fog, memory loss and scatter brain..... the list goes on.... what us women go through and IT IS NOT ALL IN YOUR HEAD.... too often women are told "well your blood tests came back fine, so I am not sure why you feel this way" might be a phase.....🤬🤬

Your body sends you signs to support you, always listen and support your clients to listen as every body sign/symptom is valid and PREVENTION IS ALWAYS better than cure.

Acne is way more than a skin condition but a sign that your clients body is struggling and needs support, this episode will help you be that support for your acne clients and explain the importance of treating the root cause of acne internally.

If you are a visual learning like me, I have created my introductory program: the Acne Flashcard Program™️ to support skin professionals confidently understand the internal cause of their clients acne and explain this process to their clients with visual diagrams, scripts and
a mini training lessons for each (10) flashcards.

Click the link below to learn how to do this in your skin clinic and position yourself as the go to Holistic Acne Skin Professional.

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